What made me fall in Love with Athens!
11/01/2013 | Travel Diary

Gemma Robb, an upcoming travel blogger, Londoner and Scottish at heart, shares her feelings and experiences with travel panda from her visit in Athens.

If you are a vivid traveller, then Athens should already be on your bucketlist!

Fast becoming the choice destination of many, Athens continues to grow in popularity. From the moment you set foot in this city you can feel the history behind it. When you visit popular landmarks, such as the Acropolis, you are transported back in time, as a result of the remnants of ancient Greece all around you. Get to the Acropolis early and beat the crowds or visit just before closing to soak in the sunset.
Athens took my breath away, as you find so many places offering up spectacular views of the city, Lycabettus Hill being one of them. I could stare out at this city for hours, happily immersed in its history and culture.
The people of Greece are welcoming, helpful and you can really feel at home in this city. Pull up a chair at a local restaurant just as a band is setting up outside and you will not be disappointed. Greek cuisine is possibly my favourite thing about the country and Athens is a great place to really enjoy an authentic gyros washed down with some great Greek beer.
Stroll through Monastiraki with its selection of small cafes, bars and ancient ruins and soak in the atmosphere whilst taking some great photos of the Acropolis, which you can see from so many different parts of Athens.
I would recommend Athens to anyone, whether you’re looking for history and culture or shopping and nightlife there is something for everyone in this city and a weekend in Athens really isn’t long enough to take it all in. I would happily go back time and time again.
A mix of history and edginess, Athens has it all. From street art, to flea markets, to stunning rooftop bars, a trip here will leave you not wanting to go home, and when you do you will soon be planning your next Greek getaway.

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