Terms & Conditions




The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) regulate both the responsibilities and obligations of the Customer (Traveler or Mediator) who participates in a package trip (package of travel services and at least one overnight stay) and of the Travel Agency (the Company) , who sells travel packages (travel) organized by the same or another organizer. The Traveler, the members or not of his family and the participants, through associations, schools, companies, agencies or other entities, by participating in or taking part in the voyage of the Company or another organizer, is self-evidently accepting the travel plan and the following GTCs, which they carefully studied, understood and committed to observe as a condition of their participation].The programs, including the current price list, are valid for the period indicated therein. Information and travel data can be changed due to frequent and extraordinary changes in world conditions, particularly in transport and international relations. In this case, you will be notified immediately in the most appropriate way.

1. ORGANIZER – TOURIST OFFICE Our Company KRETASOL SA has received a Special Functional Label of E.O.T. Our Company organizes travel itself or in cooperation with other organizers, which sells itself or through another travel agency, acting as a mediator between the customers / travelers and the various service providers it uses (transport companies, hotels, local travel agencies offices, etc.) to whom it has no direct control but will support any contractual requirement of the traveler as a mediator of its customers. The Mediator Agent is a reseller of travel and is not an authorized representative of the Company.

2. REGISTRATIONS – PARTICIPATION IN THE ORGANIZED TRAVEL The valid travel registrations and reservations are made by visiting our offices or our partners’ offices, by mail, fax, telephone and via our website, provided (in order to commit seats on that trip ) firstly, the payment of the anticipated advance each time – usually 30% – or the whole amount, in cash, by credit card or by transfer to the tour desk, within 48 hours, and secondly, the unconditional acceptance and compliance with these General Terms. For valid registration, the particular trip, with departure and return dates and any other distinguishing details, must be shown on the proof of payment of the advance. The right to participate in the voyage is guaranteed by paying the full amount and the relevant charges 10 full days prior to departure. Any non-payment of the total value of the trip at the scheduled time entitles our company to cancel the reservation and, if necessary, to claim cancellation fees in accordance with the cancellation terms provided herein. The contractor, representing his family or team, has the obligation to inform all his travel agents represented by him about the details and conditions of travel. Participants through a third party have the same obligations as the representative who enrolled them on the voyage, and the tour operator provides any relevant information whenever requested.
In some organized air tours, our company representative will be at the departure / arrival airport to facilitate your journey while your escort will be at the airport of arrival and the services will begin and end upon arrival and departure from / to the airport destination of the trip. Our company has no responsibility for the days and hours of operation of markets, museums and archaeological sites.

3. TRAVEL RATES – CHARGES etc. The prices of the trips, which are mentioned in the current form of the Company, are calculated on the day of the issue of the price list, based on the cost of the services, the applicable fares / surcharges, of any kind, foreign currencies with the Euro, as well as any other cost factor. Having exhausted any provision, the Company retains the right to adjust prices when the above cost factors change due to extraordinary and unforeseen increases before the departure of the trip.
If, for the above reasons, the value of the trip increases, the Traveler has the right to accept the corresponding increase or to cancel his participation without canceling fees, provided that this increase exceeds 10% of the total value of the trip and to be reimbursed money without interest. The same applies to reduced participation (less than 20 people) on the voyage and any fare difference if the group’s tickets have been completed and the Carrier or hotelier requests a higher fare or rent for the additional seats. Children’s discounts (for children under 11), where applicable, vary and are granted when two adults pay normally in the same room / cabin. The Company has the right to deduct the pre-registration or last-minute seats in order to make the trip without the right of the other travelers to claim a similar discount. Prices do not include city tax (where applicable), which applies only to guests (tourists) and is paid on site in hotels.

4. OBLIGATIONS – RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE TOURIST OFFICE (COMPANY) The Company has the obligation to co-ordinate and perform in the best possible way the trips that offers to the Travelers, mediating between the traveler and any third party providing the services (carriers, hoteliers, agents, etc.), however, the Company can not have direct control over them, and so responsibility. The Company, having exhausted all foreseeability and care, is not responsible for the wrong actions and omissions of third parties and their associates, for the abnormalities in the provision of services and for the emergency situations such as: cancellations, delays or changes in transportation routes (airplanes, ships, cars , trains, etc.) due to exclusion of areas, other strikes, weather conditions and other causes. Therefore, given the possible short or long delays, for technical, meteorological or other reasons, travelers should not plan meetings or their own visits in the days of travel / flights. The Company is not responsible for emergencies, strikes, exclusion of areas due to weather, sanitation, terrorism, war, toxic conditions, earthquakes, hijackings and other similar cases of force majeure and for any damage, accident, loss of life or objects. The Company will exhaust any form of assistance for the continuation of travel or repatriation of travelers, but without liability or financial burden, which will be borne by travelers as they travel privately by dealing with such extraordinary situations.
It is recommended that the region’s travelers are located one day before departure in order to deal with changes in the route or other extraordinary problem. For instances , in the case of inadequate service, make immediate reference to the attendant and if not foreseen, to the local agent with notification to the Company, to correct the problem. Otherwise, the problem should be reported in a written way to the Company on return and within 10 days, enclosing each item for its reasoning. Any compensation for non-service may not exceed twice the value of the individual service. The minimum participation for all trips is the twenty (20) adults. If this number is not completed, the Company has the right to cancel the trip and inform the Travelers up to seven (7) days before the start of the trip and to return the money they have paid without any other obligation unless they accept the difference from the reduced participation. Travel arrangements, services and prices are considered as those mentioned in the sales contract (payment receipt of the trip), signed and accepted by the Traveler or Mediator. A final travel plan is considered to be what the Travelers or Mediators receive and accept, with the travel documents, 2-3 days before departure with any extraordinary changes, and are required to notify the team that enrolled on the trip. Benefits not mentioned in the descriptions of package tours or listed as optional are either not offered at all by our company or are available at extra charge beyond the listed prices, if they can finally be realized. Our company is not responsible for the optional events made by local agencies. Upon completion of your trip, our company will issue the statutory tax returns, which will be received from our offices during the working days and hours of the financial services (Monday – Friday 10: 00-17: 00).

5. TRAVEL RESPONSIBILITIES Due to the fact that other people are usually involved in the organized voyage, the social behavior and the absolute compliance of the travelers with the travel plan and the recommendations of the escorts or tour guides and their timely access to the concentration venues for the various program benefits (flights, transfers, tours, excursions, meals, etc.). If the delay or inconsistency of the traveler results in a loss of a flight, excursion, transportation or other service, the traveler should reconnect with the team at his / her own responsibility and costs, without the right to a refund for the service they have lost or for the entire trip if it fails to reconnect. Our company will make every effort to assist, without having or assuming any obligation. At airports, harbors, stations etc. you must be at least two (2) hours before departure. If there is no escort on the voyage, the Traveler has to confirm on the spot the next flights or other itinerary with the carrier and to confirm at what time and from which airport, port, terminal, station, the transfer is made. Any loss of means of transportation due to delay of the Traveler or voluntary interruption of the voyage will result in the loss of the trip as long as it is not possible to reconnect with the rest of the team with the assistance of the company but at its own expense (other ticket, etc.). Any movement of a traveler outside a group is at the sole responsibility of the traveler. In the same way, the Company is not responsible for the travel services that were not provided to the Traveler due to his own negligence or liability, illness or accident. Carriers, hoteliers and other service providers, as well as the Company, do not accept the reimbursement of money paid for illness, accidents, medical interventions, etc. and we recommend that the Traveler be insured for such a possibility. Irrespective of its obligation, the Company will only assist for a refund if providers accept the supporting documents provided. If the Traveler is unable to participate in the voyage he has already paid or repaid, he may transfer his reservation to another person, subject to the conditions for participating in the voyage, no later than six (6) working days before departure, especially for maritime transport, the above deadline is ten (10) days prior to departure. In case of any outstanding balance of the value of the trip or any additional costs thereof from the assignment, the assignor and the transferee shall be jointly liable to the Company for the payment of the relevant amount. Particularly in the case of air carriers, it should be noted that it is not possible to change the name of the passenger but only to cancel the existing reservation and to reserve a new seat if possible with a possible charge. The Company does not bear any liability if no new position is found. The mandatory cancellation of the reservation will be in accordance with the terms of this cancellation.

6. TOURISM – EXCURSIONS – MUSEUMS – OPTIONAL On national holidays and semi-anniversaries, visits to museums and other archaeological sites may not take place or take place on a day other than the scheduled day, due to holidays and non-operation. The price of the trip does not include entries to museums, archaeological or similar sites, unless otherwise stated in the travel plan. Optional tours / excursions / events decided to be organized and paid abroad require a minimum number of entries. The Company is not responsible for the realization and prices that will be offered and it is in the absolute discretion of travelers to participate in optional excursions or other events abroad. The program and duration of tours varies and is determined by the tourists and tour guides of each venue.

7. HOTELS / ACCOMMODATIONS / SHIPS AND OTHER TRANSPORTATIONS. All information regarding the categorization or classification of hotels and accommodation listed in our organized or sold travel plans is in accordance with the applicable national legislation on tourism classification of hotels and accommodations, which may vary from country to country. The rooms of most hotels accommodate two beds or a semi-double bed. Triple rooms are, in essence, doubles with an extra bed. They are usually not very comfortable and the extra bed can be smaller than regular bedding or sofa or folding. The rooms are usually delivered from 14:00 to 15:00 and are available to the occupants until 12:00 on the day of departure. Should you wish to enter the room earlier or leave later, you will have to pay for it. If, owing to unforeseen difficulties, the organizer of the trip is forced to change a hotel of another or higher category, our company is not obliged to compensate other travelers. In case of late arrival at the hotel after the day or time of scheduled arrival of the traveler, and if he has not informed our hotel and office, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation and to allocate the room for the whole period of detention, if requested. In the event of overbooking on the part of the hotel, our company will make every effort to resolve the matter, in accordance with the applicable in the host country.
All the lodgings used by the Company have the legal and valid operating permit from the competent authorities of the country in which they operate and the enclosed rooms are simply (standard). Their choice is based on their location and the services they offer, along with the sale price of the trip. There is no single internationally acceptable criterion, so hotels may differ from one another, even if they belong to the same category. The rooms of most hotels are made for two beds or a double bed. Therefore, triple or quadruple rooms are essentially doubles with extra beds. They are usually not very comfortable and the extra bed may be smaller than normal, sofa or split divan. The rooms are usually delivered between 14:00 and 16:00 and are available to the tenants until 11:00 on the day of departure. If the Traveler wishes to get in the room earlier or depart later, he / she will have to pay the hotel fee if there is availability. On individual trips, in case of late arrival at the hotel after the day or time of the scheduled arrival of the Traveler, and if the latter has not informed the hotel, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation and to dispose of the room for the whole period reservation. In the event of overbooking from the hotel side, this and the Company will do its best to regularize the travelers, in accordance with the applicable in the host country. For journeys made in Greece by coach, the seats are given in order of registration and do not change during the trip. Instead of traveling by coach, the seats change every day. The duration of a one-day visit / tour does not exceed eight (8) hours, always counting from the time of departure to the time of return to the hotel. Half day visit / excursion will not exceed four (4) hours, always counting from departure to return to the hotel. It is known in advance and it is expressly agreed that airlines for their own reasons (aircraft failures etc.) sometimes charter flights for another airline, change flight schedules from morning to afternoon and vice versa as well and the types of their aircraft. These changes are acceptable to IATA and do not constitute a right to cancel the trip without the payment of cancellation fees by travelers.

8. PASSPORTS – VISA – HYGIENIC FORMULATIONS etc All passport holders must be in possession of a new valid passport issued from 2006 onwards. In the countries covered by the Schengen Convention you can also travel with Latin ID cards. The Company recommends that your passport be valid for at least six (6) months after your return. For some destinations, a passport expiration is required after 3, 6 or 12 months. The visa period has been included in the registration deadline for each trip as well as the sanitary formalities if required. The validity and issuance of all travel documents (passport, identity, etc.) is the responsibility of the Traveler and no responsibility lies with the Company. Particular attention is needed for minors who need to be provided with the required travel documents (passports, etc.). Also, holders of foreign passports must notify the Company in writing and address themselves to the consular authorities of their country and the countries to visit to check whether they need a visa or any other documents for countries from where they will travel or to travel, as well as their return to the country where they started. Failure to ensure the timely issue or endorsement of travel documents does not justify the cancellation of the traveler’s participation without cancellation fees. The Company provides all travel information where the International Health Organization requires vaccination, medication, etc. However, due to frequent epidemic changes and medical personal data of each Traveler, he is responsible for addressing the responsible local health authorities for more responsible and valid information, or to his physician reporting whether to travel to areas of extreme conditions of epidemics, cold, temperature, altitude or other similar local conditions.

9. INSURANCE The Company has a Group Insurance Policy for every trip it organizes, covering any liability to its clients arising out of the non-execution or poor performance of the package. Also, the insurance policy covers insolvency or bankruptcy. In addition, insurance policy covering travel accident insurance, medical / hospital accident costs, luggage loss and delay, travel expeditions and the repatriation of travelers as a result of injury or illness and other cover for persons who are not have exceeded 75 years of age. The number of insurance policies and the insurer’s details are at the traveler’s disposal, in our office accounting department. Additionally, there is the possibility of optional insurance, for more coverage according to the desired amounts, which our office recommends unreservedly. Also, in the case of your illness while traveling within the European Union, we recommend that you contact your insurance company for the issue of the “European Health Insurance Card”.

10. LUGGAGE Baggage is carried under the responsibility of its holders, delivered to the carrier and received under the responsibility and care of its holders, whether or not a travel agent accompanies. In the event of damage to or loss of baggage, the IATA Regulation for Airplanes and the corresponding International Treaties for each means of transport as well as hotels shall apply, and liability in this case shall be limited in accordance with these Treaties. Our Company bears no responsibility for the contents of your luggage and any valuables and valuables and we recommend that you do so or not take them with you. Irrespective of the type of travel (air, sea or coach), the Carrier undertakes to carry only one suitcase of normal size and weighing up to 20 kg for each traveler, unless otherwise stated (for example, in domestic US flights there are charges for each suitcase). In addition to the luggage, the traveler is entitled to a small cabin bag with a maximum size of 50x40x25 cm (length / height / width). If the traveler has an extra weight or more luggage, the carrier may charge a charge and the traveler is required to pay on the spot.

11. CANCELLATIONS In the event of a cancellation by the Traveler, an Invalid or Expenditory fee is payable with the following deadlines, unless otherwise stated on the trip. Cancellations are only made in writing to the Company and irrespective of the date of registration and departure of the trip and are subject to the following charges per person (if the reservation can not be transferred to another person): • 21 days from departure € 30 for trips to Greece and € 50 for trips abroad, per person, for management expenses. • 20 to 14 days before departure: 40% of the total value of the trip. • 13 to 7 days before departure: 60% of the total value of the trip. • 6 days before departure until departure (nonshow): 100% of the total value of the trip. Special air fares, when the ticket is purchased and canceled, are charged up to 100% of its value, regardless of the time of booking and cancellation of seats. For cruises different cancellation terms apply according to the company’s terms of service applicable to each cruise that is available to you. For individual / one-person trips, different cancellation terms apply in accordance with the terms of each airline ‘s fare, as well as cancellation policy for each hotel, agent, etc. Charges take place regardless of the time of registration or whether the corresponding amounts have already been paid by the Travelers or not. In the event that one of the two people who are going to stay in a double room cancels his membership, except for the cancellation fees, because the traveler will necessarily stay in a single room, he will be charged additionally for this use. Also, it is charged with the costs of attending any conference, race tickets and other services that he has requested for himself and their return is usually impossible.
Particularly emphasized that during the high season of festivities, Easter, summer, festive triennial, carnival, congresses, sports, artistic organizations and other similar movements due to advance payments of fares, accommodation, tickets etc. cancellations, irrespective of the time of reservation or cancellation of seats, may reach 100%.

12. ADJUSTMENT OF DISPUTES. Our company and the traveler are committed to resolving in good faith any dispute that may arise during the execution of the package travel contract. In the event of failure to do so, the parties undertake to address the Complaints Appeal Committee of the Association of Tourist and Travel Agencies in Greece and to request the mediation. If the amicable settlement of the dispute is not possible, the Courts of Athens are competent. I have read carefully all of the above terms of use (a total of 12 articles) and I accept them personally and on behalf of all the travelers mentioned in my reservation and I am authorized to register for this trip.